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305 St. Louis Ave. #217
Valley Park, MO, 63088


Green City Waste & Recycle Solutions is a provider of temporary roll off dumpsters for homeowners, remodelers, builders and roofers in the St. Louis, MO area.  All of our dumpsters are equipped with driveway friendly rubber wheels. 

Construction Dumpster Rental | St. Louis, MO

Need a dumpster for your next construction project? Call Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions in St. Louis, MO and rent the perfect size dumpster.

Construction Dumpster Rental in St. Louis, MO

No matter the size, construction projects are almost always messy. Tearing out old furnishings and features is a long, untidy process, and it can result in a lot of waste. Leaving that waste around the construction site isn’t an option, so where will you store potentially dangerous materials and scrap?

Rent a dumpster from Green City Waste and Recycle Solutions Inc. and never worry about improper debris disposal. Our dumpsters are large enough to hold unwanted components of all kinds. Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial construction site, you can always depend on us for affordable construction dumpster rental in St. Louis, MO. Reach out today to rent one for your next project!

Driveway friendly dumpsters

If you’ve ever rented a dumpster before, you know how frustrating it can be for an old beat up dumpster to show up causing you to worry more about the damages it will cause, rather than the benefit of having it on site. . Our team knows, too – that’s why every dumpster we rent is routinely cleaned and maintained and furnished with driveway-friendly rubber wheels, making driveway placements a worry-free choice. Roll-off dumpsters are perfect for homeowners or professionals who want to skip the hassle of struggling with unwieldy containers.

Choosing the Right Dumpster

Not all dumpsters are right for all projects. In fact, some are altogether too large or too small for certain construction sites. How will you know which container is right for your needs?

Talk to our construction dumpster rental company to find out what’s available for your next project. We carry many different sizes of dumpsters, each suitable for different applications. Our goal is to make debris removal easy and safe, so be sure to let us know how you plan to use your dumpster. It will allow us to recommend the one that suits your needs and your budget.

We recommend you consider what materials you’ll be throwing away. For example, if you’re undertaking a large-scale home remodel, you should opt for a larger size. If you’re doing a simple bathroom remodel, a smaller dumpster should be fine.

Best of all, paying for your construction dumpster rental is simple and stress-free. Unlike other companies, we not only accept major credit cards, but cash and checks as well. Pay with the method that’s most convenient for you and start getting rid of unwanted trash around your project site right away.

Contact us today to explore your options for construction dumpster rental. We proudly serve clients throughout St. Louis, Missouri, and nearby areas.