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Green City Waste & Recycle Solutions is a provider of temporary roll off dumpsters for homeowners, remodelers, builders and roofers in the St. Louis, MO area.  All of our dumpsters are equipped with driveway friendly rubber wheels. 

What size dumpster do you need?

Green City Blog

What size dumpster do you need?

Cory Reinen

One of the more popular questions we receive when talking with customers is, “I’m not sure what size dumpster I need, what do you think I need?”  Although it may seem difficult to decide what dumpster size will fit your specific needs, the problem can actually be broken down quickly and therefore make your decision much more simple.  When deciding which dumpster size will work for your project, pay attention to how bulky the items are that you will be getting rid of, how much time you want to spend on breaking down the larger items and how neatly you can stack and fill the dumpster.  All of these decisions are factors in how much space your disposal needs require.

So let’s figure out what size dumpster YOU need…

Is the dumpster going to be used for junk in a home? 

   Most times when a dumpster is used at a home, the material being thrown away is old furniture, broken toys or exercise equipment, construction materials from home improvement projects and/or basement storage clean outs.  The items listed above are generally bulky in nature and hard to break down, therefore taking up quite a bit of space when thrown in a dumpster.  For that reason, our main dumpster size recommendation normally is a 20 yard dumpster.  Only about $50 more than our smallest dumpster (10 yard), but the amount of space you can use is doubled.

  If you find yourself having to decide between the 10 yard and 20 yard, it’s a safe bet to choose the 20 yard.  Many times when we are removing a dumpster from a customer’s home, the customer will say how they can’t believe how much stuff they found to get rid of and that they are glad to have picked the larger dumpster.

Will the dumpster be used for a construction or do it yourself project?

  Here’s where choosing a size can become a little more difficult.  If you’re involved in a project with demolition and the tear out of materials, you need to think about how those materials will break down.  New construction items like lumber, drywall, shingles and insulation all generally break down and lay flat when put in a dumpster.  On the other hand, remodeling projects can have a mix of the new construction items and old tear out materials such as, cabinets, toilets, showers, full walls, etc., all of which take up more space when placed in the dumpster.  For most small kitchen and bath remodels, a 10 yard dumpster is sufficient.  When you get into larger kitchen, bath and room remodels, the 20 yard and 30 yard dumpster become better options. 

Dumpster sizes compared to a full size pickup truck.

  If you are still unsure about which size dumpster you will need or have a unique disposal situation, please call our office and we will gladly help with all of your questions.  More information about each dumpster size can also be found by clicking here.

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